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Established in 2006, the AIHPC is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the many historic properties and cultural landscapes in the Apostle Islands region on northern Wisconsin.  Beginning with a core group of families who hold longstanding property interests in historically-significant buildings on Sand and Rocky Islands, in some cases dating from the late 1800′s, the Conservancy represents a wide range of interests throughout the Chequamegon Peninsula.


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Today in Chequamegon history: the first windsled? Maybe.

Ashland Daily Press, January 15, 1926: "Ante's Iceboat Being Tried Out"

"Make-up Has Been Entirely Changed, with Propellor Changed from Front to Back. Cabin Added"

"People chancing to look out on the ice of Chequamegon Bay today were surprised to see what appeared to be a square box gliding along the ice at a terrific rate of speed. From a distance it could not be ascertained just what it was but when it came toward shore it was discovered to be an iceboat belonging to Bill Ante.

"The iceboat, with an airplane motor, was tried out last year by Ante with a heavy propeller in the front. It was not so successful for it blew all the snow back into the rider's face. This fall the whole boat was gone over, with many new additions made. A cabin has been constructed for it, for the convenience of the passengers, and the propellor has been placed in the back, reversing it from a pull movement to a push effect. The propellor in the back is a lot lighter than the one used last year and the deafening noise is lacking."

So far, this is the earliest mention of a windsled that your editor has found. Does anyone know of an earlier example?


Collected and edited by Bob Mackreth for the Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy, a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the historic heritage of the Apostle Islands region of northern Wisconsin.
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