Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy

At the heart of the AIHPC action agenda is recognition of the strong role that the local community plays in shaping the character and cultural fabric of the Apostle Islands region.  Historically significant buildings, landscapes and objects, and the stories that they represent, reflect much of what is special about the Peninsula, the Islands, and the people who live there.  They are symbols of the community’s love of nature, reverence for history and the lessons it teaches, belief in the benefits of cooperation and partnerships, and respect for individual accomplishment and hard work.

The AIHPC seeks to maintain the links between the present and the past, and in doing so, preserve the special values of the historic and cultural resources of the Apostle Islands region for future generations.  We are doing so through restoration programs, public education, and advocacy to support historic preservation actions at all levels of government and respect for the people who have lived that history. Finally, we are doing so through financial grants and donations of service to other organizations and governmental entities that recognize the public interest benefits of maintaining the connections between the current residents of the Islands and the Peninsula with the heritage of the past.

Mission and Purpose Statement
Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy

Statement:  Promoting the preservation, enhancement and appreciation of the historic and cultural resources of the Apostle Islands region.

Mission: The Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy (hereinafter, the Conservancy) is established to be a hands-on, public interest organization that supports the preservation and interpretation of historic structures and cultural landscapes throughout the Apostle Islands region of northern Wisconsin.  All actions to fulfill this purpose that involve the interests of government agencies or other organizations will be pursued on a cooperative basis and developed and undertaken by means of full consultation and consensus.  In the case of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, any action to be considered by the Conservancy shall be either specifically requested or proposed by the National Park Service/Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, or supported or determined acceptable in advance by the same.

Purposes: To advance and assure the continuity of knowledge and understanding of the multi-layered history of human occupation and use of the Apostle Islands, including Native American cultures, immigrant and homestead families, tourism, recreation, shipping, fishing, farming, forestry, quarrying, and the community life of the islands.

To assist other organizations involved in preserving the history of the Apostle Islands region of Wisconsin.

To assist in the care and maintenance of historic structures.

To support in-depth educational programs, classes, tours, walks, and talks concerning the history and cultures of the island residents and their occupations, skills, and community life.

To develop and support education programs for local residents of the Great Lakes region, as well and national and international visitors to the Apostle Islands region.

To develop and support programs that actively engage young people of the region in service learning and school-to-work programs, while utilizing the energy and abilities of these young people in beneficial projects that serve to aid in preservation of the structures and cultural landscapes of the region.

To support research and prepare brochures, articles, studies and other presentations on the history of the region.

To provide opportunities for the continued active association with the Apostle Islands for the families who have resided there and contributed to the Islands’ history over the past century or more.

AIHPC Board of Directors

Robert Dahl (Chairman), Jacksonville, FL/Sand Island, WI
Tom Gordon (Vice-Chairman), Red Cliff/Bayfield, WI
Ryan Connell (Secretary and Treasurer), Bayfield/Rocky Island, WI
Bob Mackreth, Washburn, WI
Nina Archabal, St.Paul, MN
Kathy & Tom Benson,  Edina, MN/Rocky Island, WI
Barbara Brown, Bayfield, WI
John Chapple,  Kirkland, WA/Madeline Island, WI
Julia Hynnek,  Bayport, MN/Sand Island, WI
Steven Lewis,  Bayfield, WI/St. Louis, MO
Jim Lynn / James Lynn,  Ashland/Rocky Island, WI
Hugh Madson,  La Pointe, Madeline Island, WI/Oro Valley, AZ
Dr. Kevin McClelland,  Ashland, WI
Heidi M. Nelson,  Bayfield/Rocky Island, WI
Robert Nelson,  Bayfield/Rocky Island, WI
Jeff & Jill Peters,  Mellen/Sand Island, WI
Molly Rice,  Stillwater, MN/Sand Island, WI
Kevin Schanning,  Ashland, WI
Joanne Cirillo, Bayfield, WI
Brian Ross Tanning, St. Paul,  MN
Wes Harris, Bloomington, IN (Alternate)
Curt Jensch, South Portland, ME (Alternate)
Phebe Blackburn,  Indianapolis, IN (Alternate)