Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy

Preserving and interpreting historic structures and cultural landscapes throughout the Apostle Islands region of northern Wisconsin.


Grant Application Form

This form is to be used to submit proposals for grants and donations from the Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy (AIHPC).  Proposals shall be in furtherance of the AIHPC mission, as defined by its bylaws, of promoting and enhancing the historic and cultural resources of the Apostle Islands region and the public understanding and appreciation of those resources.

Proposals will be reviewed by June 30 & December 30 of each year. 

To be considered by June 30, applications must be received by May 15. 

To be considered by December 30, applications must be submitted by November 15. 

All applications will be considered on a funds and support available basis.

Grant and donation applications should not exceed $5,000, unless a larger amount has been approved for application purposes by an AIHPC officer.

Proposals and requests should be submitted to:  

Secretary, AIHPC, P.O. Box 88, Bayfield,
Wisconsin, 54814